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Located in the heart of Arromanches, on the Gold beach aera, at only 35 meters from the Winston Churchill Harbor, our establishment is dedicated to men and women over 10 nationalities that have contributed to D-Day air success

Chambre d'Hôte Normandie Plage débarquement Arromanches Dday Aviators

D Day Aviators

On the night of 5th to 6th June 1944 and on D Day, more then 12 000 allied aircrafts (3 440 heavy bombers and 940 medium bombers, 4 190 fighters and fighter bombers, 1 360  troop carriers, 867 gliders, 1 070 maritim patrollers, and 520 recognition aircrafts) of the US Air Force (8 th and 9 th Army) and the Royal Air Force (Bomber Command, Coastal Command, Air Defense of Great Britain, 2nd Tactical Air Force) have contributed to Normandy landings.

The house was build before 1900. It was a ruin when we bought in 2014. We restored it completely keeping the period architecture spirit. It was the perfect place to exhibit our WW2 genuine aeronautical items collection and share it with our customers. Each room has the name of an airfield (Advanced Landing Ground) built by the allies just after the landings.




Whether you stay for a single night or several days, our central location is ideal to immerse yourself in the Battle of Normandy history and discover the sites of the landing beaches.

Welcome at D Day Aviators!

Anne Florence Hontang

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